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Ticket Transfers

Everything you need to know about ticket transfers.

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If the event organiser has enabled ticket transfers, you can transfer tickets to other people in just a few simple steps.

How to initiate a ticket transfer

  1. Open the SeatlabNFT mobile app

  2. Click on ‘Collections’ (second icon from the left at the bottom)

  3. View ‘Tickets’

  4. Select the ticket you want to transfer

  5. Select ‘Transfer’

  6. Enter the phone number of the person who you want to receive the ticket

  7. Review and confirm the transfer

What if the receiver doesn’t have a SeatlabNFT account?

If the receiver doesn’t have a SeatlabNFT account, we’ll send them an SMS with instructions on creating one. Once they have created an account, the ticket transfer will automatically complete, and the ticket will appear in their wallet.

If the receiver does have a SeatlabNFT account, the ticket will appear in their wallet as soon as the transfer is confirmed.

Cancelling a ticket transfer

You can cancel a ticket transfer that you have initiated at any time while it is still pending. Ticket transfers remain pending until our system has confirmed that the receiver has a valid SeatlabNFT account.

To cancel a ticket transfer:

  1. View your ‘Collections’

  2. Find the pending ticket transfer and tap it

  3. Tap “cancel” and confirm you want to cancel the transfer

Can’t transfer a ticket?

If you can’t transfer a ticket, it may be because:

  • You’ve entered an incorrect phone number

  • The event organiser hasn’t enabled ticket transfers for that ticket type

  • The ticket you are trying to transfer has already been used/checked-in

  • The receiver has already reached the maximum number of tickets per wallet allowed for that ticket type

For further assistance, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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