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In this guide, you will learn how to airdrop collectables to your ticket holders.

Airdrops allow you to send NFTs to fans holding tickets to your events. These NFTs can be audio, images or videos and are fully customisable. You can even set royalty splits to receive royalties on any resales.

  1. From your seller dashboard, click on “Airdrops” to get started

  2. Select the event you wish to use the airdrop feature with.

  3. On this screen, you can choose which types of tickets will receive the airdrop.

  4. You can use an existing NFT, or create a new one. Note; using an existing one will make one or more copies of the NFT, potentially lowering the value if it is a rare edition.

    If you have chosen to create a new NFT, ignore step 5, it only applies to the “Use an Existing NFT” option from the previous screen.

    On this screen you will see any NFT collectables that you have previously minted. You can select one to reproduce for the airdrop.

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